Partially influenced by my parents and more inspired by my favorite YouTuber Korean Birder, I started birding in early 2023. I took this new hobby somewhat seriously by purchasing a pair of Nikon binoculars, although I only had a point and shoot crappy camera for taking photos. I use this page to record my birding activities and the birds I see.

March 19, 2023 – Sun

  • Species: Pacific Wren 阿拉斯加鹪鹩
  • Location: In a mountain
  • Time: ~10 – 11 AM
  • Activity: Perching on a tree branch and singing loudly.
  • Note: My first time seeing this species, but it should not be my first time hearing this species. I went hiking today and used the Merlin app to identify bird calls and bird songs. It happened that Pacific Wrens were all around me, since the mountain I hiked was essentially covered by coniferous forests. I was lucky to finally spot a wren when it was singing loudly in front of me, perching on a thin tree branch.

March 17, 2023 – Fri

  • Species: Bewick’s Wren 比氏苇鹪鹩
  • Location: My backyard
  • Time: ~10 – 11 AM
  • Activity: Perching on a tree.
  • Note: My first time seeing this species, should be a male. He has white eyebrows and a long spotted tail.

I also saw a Varied Thrush looking for food under our largest tree, but it was too far for my trashy camera to take a shot. Instead, I captured a Stellar’s Jay, not sure if it was the same one who always visited our backyard.

Stellar’s Jay has a stunning blue-black gradient