A nice, cozy Sunday afternoon

中午吃完饭之后睡了一觉好的,期间有断断续续做一些梦,但是醒来之后都不记得了。醒来之后觉得非常舒服,一个舒适的午觉,什么都没有想,什么也不用担心。一种很久违的感觉。然后又再看了一些书,碰到一些生词和一些不会的说法,就想着可以再学学怎么写。Last night I even thought about keeping journals in English, which I haven’t thought about for a very, very long time. It was true that if I keep doing things I like for long enough (like a few days), for example, keep reading and writing, new ideas and inspirations will eventually come to me. It’s funny I said “long enough,” since nobody would count “a few days” as long. But it also highlights how we all lack proper time for ourselves to enjoy things we like or just relax.

Would I feel bored? Perhaps a little bit. But when I’m bored I look for other things to do. Sometimes I simply click on another title that has been downloaded to my reader which has yet been visited. Once I learned that 豆瓣 now deletes book entries without sending any notice – and many of these books are on my to-read list or even reading list – I swiftly developed the habit of downloading book samples from Amazon whenever I saw books I wanted to read. So now I’ve accumulated 40 something book samples in my reader, along with fifty-odd books I bought. One thing I didn’t expect when getting this BOOX reader is that it made buying e-books from Amazon (or elsewhere) so easy, since it’s an Android tablet, not an Apple one. Haven’t been using any Android devices for quite a while, I almost forget how unfriendly all Apple devices and systems are to any “outsider” machines and software. Guess I was successfully “tamed” by Apple, haha, not that I’m proud of this… Because there are no restrictions of payment on Android tablets enforced by Google, (and even there are, I was told they could be easily bypassed,) buying an e-book in a book app (e.g., Kindle or 豆瓣阅读) is indeed one-click. The only drawback is that this convenience has also spoiled me: with nobody checking what I’m buying, I spend more than $100 on books every month without feeling any guilt. Yeah, anyway, lots of books.

The other day I was chatting with a friend about books. We were saying how one should read more than one book at a time so that one can balance their mind and emotion. For example, fictions are awesome, so are non-fictions, but by no means one should only read fiction or non-fiction at a time. I reflected on how I used to focus on one book and only move on to another book when I finish the current one. And that was a long, long time ago, when I was still a high-schooler. Now I can never do this. Some books are meant to be read during the day, and some excel at nights. For the books I’m reading right now, The Quantified Self is definitely for daytime and Breasts and Eggs for nighttime. In rare cases, I may bump into a book that is good for any time. Say, Paul Theroux’s Riding the Iron Rooster. These days I read many good books (since I trust myself for having a decent taste, haha), but seldom do I encounter a truly exceptional, 5-star book.

It’s getting warmer these days, as Spring is formally arriving. Personally, I would prefer the weather to be even warmer so that I can open the windows once I’m up from bed. But that will also mean I may need to turn on the AC during noon times, which I prefer not to. Not all humans are picky, yet I’m not among the easygoing. Hope age helps.

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