Sunday Mood

Definitely feeling a bit numb after a long afternoon “nap.” Marking nap with quotations because I slept for an hour and a half. I woke up around 3:30 PM; and now is 3:55.

We went to Martin L King library this morning, thinking that it would be open, since that was what Google Map says. Turned out it wasn’t open, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since it was Sunday, anyway. But we were there to pick up some books I held and returned some other books we had done reading, so we had a bag of books with us. With the library being closed, we could only carry the books back. Driving to downtown San Jose took a bit longer than 15 mins, so we decided to see what else could be done as we couldn’t step into the library.

Which, in hindsight, is not really a good choice. It was not really a bad one either, but perhaps we would feel better if we had decided to come back home straight.

I then decided to go to Recycle Bookstore, which was another 10-min drive away. It was not too far, to be fair, but there were roads closed en-route. I had to circle the same block twice near our destination in order to find a spot to park the car (eventually found one beside a restaurant). And it was just a quarter past ten; and the bookstore would not open until 11 AM. (But at least this time we knew for sure that the stupid Google Map would not cheat us.) I said we could find a coffee shop to kill the time. He agreed. Crema was right across the street, so we went there (since I also wanted to go there for a while). I did read through a few Crema’s reviews on Google Map earlier today, and “hype” and “not worth it” were two of the common words mentioned. I decided to go anyway. Preferred not to wait on the doorstep of the bookstore. I didn’t order coffee because I had one already with my breakfast. Instead I went for a tea called “berry mojito black tea,” remembered to ask the waitress to add less sweetener or sugar in it. I hoped to see some mint leaves in the drink since it was “mojito,” but it had no leaves whatsoever. Entirely crimson, with some blackberries swimming at the bottom. The taste was not bad at all. I concluded those who gave bad reviews on Google Map were a bunch of snobs.

So I had forty minutes to stare out of the coffee shop windows. A very nice way to pass time, especially when you take into consideration that I scarcely have times like this in my life now. The street in front of Crema was closed both ways. Bicyclists were riding through. All kinds of them, and all kinds of bicycles (in one case, unicycle; in many other cases, tricycles with baskets, in which held infants, kids, or dogs). The day was superb, the air was fresh and clear. Sunshines fell through green leaves. It was one of those autumn days that you want to spend outside. After the bookstore opened, we went inside, walked a few rounds, saw the familiar black cat, pet it, saw an unfamiliar grey cat (didn’t allow us to pet), selected a few books (two from Tufte, I was surprised), paid the books and left. Got back home around twelve, and realized the rice cooker wasn’t cooking the rice, despite us setting the time before we set out. Should’ve read the manual, lol. So started cooking the rice again. He wasn’t feeling well so he went for a nap when we waited for the rice to be ready. I sat in the living room to sanitize all the books and read another chapter of Out of My Skull.

I said the day could have fared better had we went back straight from the hibernating library. I said that only because I wanted to read more books and learn more stuff. Weekends are too short, you know.

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