When You Are Not Understood

When you are not understood,

you can work on understanding yourself.

Because behind emotions there are reasons,

and behind reactions there are triggers.

Actions spring from motivations,

and consequences are all led by causes.


You can look into the mirror,

(or not,)

your face nicely reflected.

(Or instead, you will hear the sound of your soul.)

Ask yourself, by

starting with this question:

“It is only natural.”


It is only natural that I’m anxious;

It is only natural that I’m overwhelmed;

It is only natural that I’m exhausted,

lying on the bed, mind spinning with thoughts.


Because you are a newcomer;

Due to there is no one to guide or mentor you;

Since the information pours upon you,

is not only immense in quantity,

but also dense in quality.


When you are not understood by others,

it is only natural that

you look into yourself,


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