11/15/22, Tue – 不想回的信息就不回

        Support team is great, but I'm not sure I want to share my deep feelings and anxiety with a bunch of strangers. I've done something like that before in 2020. It was great in the beginning, but soon things started to turn for the worse. I guess some people can indeed flourish within support teams formed online, but I'm not one of these people. For me, it takes a long, long time to raise some genuine interest in other people, regardless online or in real life, and it takes even longer time to build that strong, long-lasting trust.
        虽然部门领导已经明确说了我们部门在这轮裁员中不受影响,但是因为整体大环境不好,焦虑的心情还是没有办法完全缓解。于是除了使劲吃零食以外,又给新键盘换了一副透光的壳。哇,我真的越来越geeky了…… 笑。
Pretty, shine-through keycaps

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