11/22/22, Tue – 没有计划的感恩节

        Although many folks find LinkedIn super helpful, especially during this hard period of time with so many layoffs going on, I still have a hard time appreciating LinkedIn... I'm just not the kind of people that can share vulnerability with a bunch of strangers.
        快到感恩节了。这两天开会的时候跟人small talk老被问感恩节有什么计划。我心想,能有什么计划,只放一天假…… 不过因为周五很多同事都请假,所以其实周五对我们这种没有好好请假的,估计也能算放假了。所以周四到周日干什么呢?如果问男人他有没有什么计划,八成会得到“在家里打游戏”的回复。确实,其实我也哪里都不想去,只想在家看书,也许能出去吃个一两餐饭,就很满足了。外面那么冷,一下雨就更冷,天黑得也早,完全不想动。
        I want to read the books that I want to read, not that I “should” read. This was something I promised myself when I left graduate school.
今日阅读,Cannibal Capitalism

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