1/6/23, Fri

        今天在Wired的YouTube频道上看到了一个讲The Psychology Behind Your Failed New Year's Resolutions的短片,觉得说得非常好,到这里来记一下。我基本也是运用片里提到的这些方式让自己养成新习惯。不过里面提到if you don't see yourself as a person who will have a certain habit, then it will be very hard for you to actually form the habit,确实也是这样。比如我就没觉得自己会是那种经常化妆的人,所以每次试图去学化妆都会失败,end up wasting money on cosmetics that I'll never use again... 不过想起新年的一些新愿望,比如工作上的quiet quitting,还是应该像片中说的这样对我来说尽量easy比较好,从少去meetings做起,哈哈。Let it fits within my life.

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