Acting as if We Are Already Free


There is a consolation, thought: that as a result, insofar as one actually can come to experiencing genuine revolutionary freedom, one can begin to experience it immediately. Consider the following statement from the Crimethinc collective, probably the most inspiring young anarchist propagandists operating in the Situationist tradition today:

We must make our freedom by cutting holes in the fabric of this reality, by forging new realities which will, in turn, fashion us. Putting yourself in new situations constantly is the only way to ensure that you make your decisions unencumbered by the inertia of habit, custom, law, or prejudice — and it is up to you to create these situations.

Freedom only exists in the moment of revolution. And those moments are not as rare as you think. Change, revolutionary change, is going on constantly and everywhere — and everyone plays a part in it, consciously or not.

What is this but an elegant statement of the logic of direct action: the defiant insistence on acting as if one is already free?

pp. 96, The Utopia of Rules, by David Graeber.
        虽然作者写的是社会革命,但社会的也是个人的,反过来说也适用,所以这段针对个人生活也是正确的。人要在现存的reality上剪出一个大洞,给自己创造新的reality、新的situations,然后这些新的环境和情况又会给人以反馈,改变人的行动和想法。这是真正意义上的身体力行,act as if we are already free。
        我想我的感动也来自于当看到这段话的时候,我意识到了其实我自己也一直是这样生活的:to create new realities and situations for myself, no matter how hard or risky it will mean. 不论是离开错误的人、离开不合适的环境、换专业、选择读博、离开不对的工作,等等等等,都是源自这个原则。It's no surprise that I've always been a Leftist. 个人的就是社会的,也是政治的。And I’m deeper touched when reading this text, realizing that I’m not alone in this journey, that I have never and will never be alone.

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